File server


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    The BEK server supports file services using FTP, SFTP and AFP.

    AFP - Apple Filing Protocol

    AFP only works on Mac computers, but if you use Mac, this is a very user friendly way of accessing the server.

    1. In Finder, select Go > Connect to Server from the menu bar.
    2. Connect to afp://username@odin.bek.no
    3. Provide your password
    4. Now you get a list of the shares that you have access to. Pick the one you want. The share comes up as an ordinary Finder window.

    SFTP - Secure (SSH) File Transfer Protocol

    • Connect to sftp://odin.bek.no and provide your username and password.
    • You will arrive in your home folder on the server. If you need to access other shared folders that you do have access to, you will have to navigate up in the folder structure and from there to the appropriate folder.
    • Here are suggestions of SFTP clients:

    FTP - File Transfer Protocol

    FTP is a less secure protocol than SFTP. For this reason FTP access is restricted to your own home folder, and we strongly recommand that you use SFTP or AFP instead.