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  • As a user at the BEK server, you have the option whether you want no mail account here, a mail account at BEK, or rather want the BEK server to forward e-mails to another address. Usually the email address will be forename.lastname[AT]bek[DOT]no
  • Mails can be checked and downloaded using POP or IMAP.
    • POP download mails to your local computer, usually deleting it at the server.
    • IMAP keeps copies of all mails on the server so that it can be accessed from several computers, mail clients, etc.
  • The mail server is mail.bek.no for incoming as well as outgoing mails.
  • To send mails, you will have to set SMTP to authenticate using username and password.
  • In some networks SMTP might be blocked. In this case you are still able to use webmail.
  • The URL for webmail is https://mail.bek.no.