VirtualMUMUTH pre-release

Dear CoS partners,

this week, the first preliminary version of the VirtualMUMUTH standalone application has been released. VirtualMUMUTH provides a binaural auralisation of the room acoustics of Ligeti hall in MUMUTH, which can be used off-site. Currently, it only runs on Macintosh computers.

Further information and a download link can be found here: VirtualMUMUTH

We would like to invite you to try VirtualMUMUTH and play with it. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,



Happy New Year 2013

Dear partners,

a Happy New Year to all of you!

As much time has passed already since many of us met in Graz in September for our presentation "On the Choreography of Sound", I am very glad to have some news for you today.

With the new year the documentation phase of the CoS project starts. Our work will be documented using the Research Catalogue platform ( and the project web site ( A first version of the documentation will be completed by the end of June in order to allow for a revision cycle during the summer. By the end of August documentation and project will be completed.

I would like to use our online space to test ideas about documenting the project and about documentation in artistic research in general, which is an interesting topic in itself, especially when considering the way it is integrated (or not) with the research work. This is one of the reasons why I have started to put together some material on our wiki as a basis for a discussion with you. Maybe other team members will add more material about the other parts of the event. I am planning to update and extend this material based on your feedback and share what I learned in the final documentation.

From those of you who were present in Graz, I would like to know how the experience provided by the current documentation compares to the experience at the event. And from those of you who could not attend, I would be interested to know what kind of experience you can gain from the documentation in its current and what you think you are missing.

I also transcribed the discussion we had on the second day, which was a very interesting exerise. I will be happy to report in more detail about it later if there is interest.

For now, please take a look at the wiki and use our blog or our mailing list to start a discussion. I am sending this message to the blog and the mailing list just to make sure that everybody gets it.

Best regards! Hope to read you soon!


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Dear partners,

we are very happy to present to you the first results of our project. It took us some time to get to this point, but now we feel ready to engage in an exchange with you!

At our online project space you can find 3 texts documenting the current state of the project. There is a brief report of our activities in 2011, a paper by Ramón (Towards a Plastic Sound Object) and our paper for ICMC 2012 (A Framework for the Choreography of Sound).

It would be very nice to have your comments on the two papers and to explore with you possibilities of establishing cooperations along the topics discussed in the texts.

The project team will be more than happy to answer your questions about the texts and the project in general. You can find a detailed project description at the project webpage. For our discussion we can use the online space provided by BEK or email.

We am very much looking forward to your comments!

Best regards,

Gerhard and Ramón


CoS online Space created

Trond Lossius kindly offered to host the CoS online Space at the server of BEK. Thank you Trond!

I just started to test the space and it perfectly responds to my expectations. I added a start page for the wiki and this is the first blog post, which contains a view into our laboratory at the Ligeti Hall at MUMUTH.