Project Report 2011


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    During 2011, the project activities have been focused on the first project objective, aiming at an integrative treatment of the spatial properties of musical sound in composition. New artistic and technical concepts required to approach this goal have been introduced and tested in musical case studies. The necessary software tools for the representation and visualisation of spatial sound properties have been designed, developed and tested. The laboratory environment used to conduct the artistic experiments (which are based on the case studies) has been developed further and various experimentation workflows have been designed and evaluated. An advanced binaural acoustic representation tool has been developed allowing to work on certain aspects of the case studies outside the laboratory space (the György Ligeti hall at MUMUTH, a shared and therefore scarce resource).

    The work environment created this year enabled completely new approaches towards conceiving and realizing choreographies of sound, leading to the development of new notions of choreography within the project. This led to a reconsideration of the second project objective, the interpretation of sound choreographies by dance performers. This objective has been reframed based on a more abstract understanding of choreography, informed by generative approaches organizing movement in space. The overall objective, namely rendering sound susceptible to a choreographic treatment has been retained, but the notion of choreography shifted and is now more thought as an integrative part of composition, focusing the project's outcome more on the compositional practice and less on the collaboration with choreographers and dancers.

    The project has also refined its understanding of artistic research and it has been decided to use the Research Catalogue (www.researchcatalogue.net) software to document the project results. The project methodology based on conceptualization, modelling, and experimentation proved to be productive and the required balance between the main project activities (artistic creation, aesthetic experience, scholarly reflection, and technological development - all focused on the production of case studies) could be established and has stabilized. A number of publications are currently in review and the project has been presented at various occasions within the artistic research community.

    The planning of a public project presentation in September 2012, as well as of a public workshop and a symposium on artistic research in cooperation with the Society for Artistic Research in 2013 has been also been started. The project website (cos.kug.ac.at) has been continuously updated. A project internal web space for the communication with the project partners has been installed. Seven intensive experimentation sessions in our two laboratories (Ligeti hall and CUBE) have been carried out (Ligeti hall: Feb 28 - Mar 6, Apr 4-10, Jul 28 - Aug 14, Sep 10-12, 16-21; CUBE: Jan 10-17, Jun 3-10). With January 2011, Martin Rumori joined the project team. His tasks are the development of the project software, the maintenance of the laboratory hardware and the conducting of the acoustic measurements.