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Thu, 22 Jan 2004 17:45:27 +0100 (CET)

>Trond Lossius 55 at bek.no 

BEK has created nothing besides programs for the exploitation of those who do create

BEK as Trond Lossius is an exploiter

>Last autumn BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, was running the risk of
>having to close down due to lack of future fundings. To prevent this we
>launched a massive lobbying campaign towards the Ministry of Culture, The
>Norwegian Parliament, The Municipality of Bergen, etc.  We also called for
>artists and others concerned to express their support for BEK at our
>website. Almost 600 persons responded to this call for support. Concidering
>that BEK is a small and young organization, that was very impressive. The
>support statements were forwarded to all relevant politicians and
>Shortly before christmas the Parliament decided to grant support for BEK for
>the future. In the beginning of January The Norwegian Council for Cultural
>Affairs and the Ministry of Culture desided to provide additional funding
>for BEK. BEK now has a long-term security concerning fundings that we have
>never experienced before.
>On behalf of everyone involved with BEK (staff, artists, users, etc.) I want
>to express our gratitude towards all of you that supported us.
>Trond Lossius