pl0t engine - faq

Q1. What do I need to make it run?
Answer: You need a JAVA (ver 1.1++) capable browser for the
PlotIOApplet, and you need the JAVA plugin (ver 1.3++) from SUN for
the PlotPlayerApplet. You also need javascript enabled in your
browser. Also you need to download the default soundbank to JAVA
plugin from SUNs site.

Q2. Why doesn't a reload or shift-reload work?
Answer: It seems that the SUN plugin does not properly release all
resources and devices when the applet is cleared from the JVM. So,
when it reloads, the software-synth does not function as it should.

Q3. Why do I need to download the latest JAVA plugin from SUN
Answer: Because it is the only one that supports JavaSound at the
moment (allthough development of an OpenSource alternative for Linux
is in progress, but that don't use/support the Beatnik
engine... because Beatnik don't want to open it's standards... it's
aaallll so complicated you know :D)

Q4. Will it be enough if I've downloaded the Beatnik player from the Beatnik site?
Answer: No.

Q5. Will you update this FAQ later when there actually HAS been sombody asking questions about the system?
Answer: Yes :)