pl0t engine - server

its purpose

The server has four (main) jobs to do:

  1. make connection with applets and stream midi-files through it (TCP socket)
  2. receive events from applets (UDP packets)
  3. receive midi-files from MAX (UDP packets)
  4. resend events from applets to MAX (UDP packets)

the server also logs the different events that has been happening, so that say a script can make use of the log to generate graphics based on the events.

how to run it

The server is a JAVA program, and must be run on a jvm that supports JAVA 1.2. It reads a config file, and based on the information in the config file, starts to do it's job. The config file has default filname "plotserver.cfg", and should include the following (the comments in the config file should explain enough):

#	sets the parameters for a PlotServer
#	allways! use one <identifier> and a <value> otherwise the      
#       the parsing will be faulty, identifiers that are not recognised
#       will be ignored, and no error msg reported
#	comments: #, // and /* */
#       strings: " "
#       numbers: just write em (not ip-addresses, use " " for them)

# port on the server listening for applet requests (TCP)
applet_request_port 55000 // can be the same as applet_receive_port

# port on the server receiving applet events (UDP)
applet_receive_port 55000 // can be the same as applet_request_port

# ip or name of the MAX machine
max_ip ""

# port in MAX that events are sent to (UDP)
max_send_port 55002

# port on the server receiving MAX midi snippets (UDP)
max_receive_port 55001 // must be different from applet_receive_port AND max_send_port if MAX and Server is on the _same_ machine 

# the filename for the event logfile
event_filename "event.log"