pl0t engine - testing

Sending events from a webpage NOTE: look at the javascript code to see how to properly send events.
Sending mouse movements and keypresses NOTE: look at the javascript code to see how to properly capture mouse events and sending them.

These webpages only loads PlotIOApplet, and hence don't need anything else then a browser supporting java 1.1. For you to see if it works you need the server running. Do this by writing the following (logged to the plot server):

cd ~espen/public_html
/usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/java PlotServer
use Ctrl-c to stop the server. This page has been teste in NS4.7 and IE5 and works in both. Even if the network settings for the M$ JVM (IExplorer) are not edited it will work, it will only use .cgi instead of UDP to transmit the events.

the whole shebang NOTE: look at the web 'code' to see how to properly load the applets

This webpage loads both PlotPlayerApplet (TestPlotPlayerApplet) and PlotIOApplet and both sends events (mouse over on the two links) and streams midi...YEAH!

Needs, JRE 1.3 and IE5+ or NS4+. Also you need to get the file from SUN and put it in the correct JRE dir. Ofcourse the PlotServer has to be running and something has to stream midi to it (FakeMAX or MAX)

Check out here to see how to install it.